How to Keep Cut Flowers Look Their Best

While you bring cut fresh flowers to home, you should know how to care them till they can last for a long time. Having flowers inside your home will improve the fresh air. It means you can get more fresh air to take a very deep breath and enjoy the nice air every day. Besides fresh air, you definitely get additional natural and beautiful look at the same time.

When you are deciding to keep the cut flower still fresh for a long time, it will be so much better if you know how you can do it. There are many ways for you to care for the cut flowers. Let’s take a look on how to keep the cut flowers in the simplest ways.

4 Easy Tips to Care Cut Flowers

There are 4 easy ways to care and keep the freshness of cut flower itself. Here we go:

  1. Start with good quality water and a clean vase

First of all, you need to clean a vase that you can use for saving the flowers. Need to note that the flower is easy to contaminate of bacteria and fungi. While you have the new flowers, you should make sure first that the vase is tidy and ready to use.

Then, you can use the warm clean water to watering the flowers. You can use warm water from 100 to 110 degrees. Using the warm water is more efficient than the cold one.

  1. Use the flower food

Once you have cut the flowers from its plant, it loses its sources of water and nourishment. It means you need to feed them to grow and develop the flowers in the right way.

There are many home recipes for you to give enough water and nourishment for your flowers. You can find them on the internet and you just have to point out one of the best.

From all the food flowers home recipes, you may find sucrose (or known as sugar, working as a source of energy), acidifier (working as water suppliers), an inhibitor of the microorganism (to prevent any bacteria in the water), and agents to draw out debris, dirt, and salts. Those will help you to keep the cut flower still fresh and can last for a long time as what you want.

  1. Remove foliage and cut stems

Before putting the flowers into water, you need to remove the foliage below the water line. Why? It can be the perfect place for fungi and bacteria to contaminate. It also can prevent the hydration flower system and causing the death itself. Just removing the leaves below the water line, not all of the leaves because flowers need leaves as the part of the hydration process.

Besides leaves, you also need to re-cut the stems as well. You need to cut at least an inch of the stem itself. Try to cut it with the sharp clippers or knife rather than using scissors. It is to avoid crushing steam and vascular system as well.

  1. Check the water level

It will be so much better if you use the clear vase so you can see the water level easily. You need to check the water level daily. While the water becomes cloudy, you need to change it with the fresh water. When the water level is getting low, you need to refill it as needed.

While replacing or refilling the water, you need to add the correct proportion of flower food. Well, every flower has its different process of absorbing the food and water.

Those are the easiest and simplest ways to keep the cut flower still fresh for a long time. Then, you can enjoy your flowers daily.