Would You Like to Have a Flower Garden?

Garden is one of the best ideas to get fresh air and beautify the lawn as well. Are you interested to make a garden in your lawn? If you would like to make it, you need to know how you should start it, right?

You can start with:

Get an Idea

While you want to make a garden for the first time, you should decide what types of garden that you would like to have. Is it flower, herb, or vegetable garden? It can help you to decide what kind of materials you need to buy for it.

Pick the Place

After you decide the types of garden, you can adjust it with the place of the garden itself. If you want to make the flower garden, you can choose the spot which has enough sunlight and you are able to watch them easily, and so on.

Clear the Ground

After deciding the place for gardening, you can start to get rid of the surface area from anything. You can dig the sod out to help you get the clean surface easily. Make sure that the place in your gardening area is clean from any unused things.

Improve the Soil

After it, you can get the organic matter to improve the soil. While the soil was not using for gardening, it needs to boost by using the organic matter. You can add the 2 or 3 inches of layer compost, old manure, dry grass clippings, or decayed leaves. After boosting the soil, you need to wait for a few months until it is ready to use.

Dig or Don’t

While you want to dig the soil, you should care about the condition of the soil itself. While you are digging when the soil is too dry or too wet, it can ruin its structure. You can dig the soil while it is moist enough while you make the loose ball in your fist but when you drop it is dry enough to fall apart.

Pick Your Plants

You can choose what kind of garden flowers you would like to have. There are some types of garden flowers like vegetables, perennials, and annual. Make sure you buy the right flower plants.

Place them in the Ground

After you buy the flowers, you can start to place them in your garden. You can buy the seeds or small plants. If you choose to grow the seeds first, you need to grow it in the small container. When it comes bigger, you can replace it in your garden.


After the plants are placed in the ground, need to water them. If you ask about how many times you should water the plants, it depends on your soil, how often it rains, how humid the climate is, and so on.

Keep It Up

After your garden is on its way, don’t forget to keep watering them until they grow well. You have to cut off the broken leaves to keep your garden look so beautiful, and many more treatments to keep flower fresh.

That’s how you can start to make a new garden and new look in your lawn. Happy gardening!