Would You Like to Make Garden Flowers?

While you are planning to have garden flowers, you should know that there are tons of flower options. Your job is choosing one or more flowers which you like to plant in your garden. Each type has different ways to care, beautifulness, and many more differences.

Get to Know About Types of Gardening Flowers First

There are 4 types of gardening flowers you can plant in your garden. Do you want to know about them? Read this on!

Annual Flowers

As its name, annual flowers, it means the life cycle of this flower is a year. While you start with the seed, it comes to bloom, and it goes to produce seed in one single growing reason. Some annuals have to be replanted every year and some reseed themselves. It can make you get the different look of flower bad each year.

Marigold or Tagetes hybrids, is one of the most popular annual flowers. It produces summer flowers which have brightly colored and the tall of stem flower is about 6 up to 36 inches depending on its variety.

Besides it, you can choose Impatiens walleriana-Impatiens with the dense mound of green foliages and orange, white, pink, red, or bicolor blossoms while the summer comes. The other annual flowers you can garden are Zinnia elegans- zinnias, Petunia X hybrid- petunias, Consolida ambigua- Larkspur, Rudbeckia fulgida-black-eyed Susans, Rudbeckia hirta- gloriosa daisies, and more.

Biennial Flowers

Different as annual flowers, biennial flowers have two years of a life cycle. The plants grow small rosettes from leaves in the first year. The next year, the flowers can appear. Some of these types act as the annual one when you buy as the bedding plants. In the first year, it is growth in the nursery greenhouse, and the second year in your garden.

There are some biennial flowers you can take like Digitalis spp- foxglove, Dianthus barbatus- sweet William, Campanula medium- Canterbury bells, and more. You just have to choose one based on what you like.

Perennial Flowers

This type of gardening flower is a group of plants which have shrubs and trees. It can grow for several years. The above-ground blooms and stems will die during the colder months. Then, they can grow back in the spring season. While you are planted the seed in the same time, they will not flower in the same year.

There are few perennial flowers you can garden like “Casablanca”-Peruvian lilies, Aster dumosus-Alstroemeria, Michaelmas daisy, Canna “Semaphore-“Semaphore” canna lily, Chrysanthemum morifolium- hardy garden mum, and more.

Evergreen Perennials

Actually, the evergreen perennials are other types of perennial flowers. During the colder season, the flowers are dying back but the leaves still grow year-around. These taller evergreen flowers can be grown in colder climates as annuals. If you plant these in your garden, you will give the garden texture and color in the best ways. Those low-growing evergreens can work as the ground covers to protect the soil.

If you would like to plant this, there are some best flowers you can choose like Amsonia x “Blue Ice”- blue star flowers, Dianthus x “Neon Star”- “Neon Star” maiden pink, and more. It also has taller evergreen like Osteospermum ecklonis Sunny “DarkFlorence”- Sunny “Dark Florence” African daisy, Fuchsia “Gartenmeister Bonstedt”- “Gartenmeister” fuchsia, and more.

Those are the types of garden flowers you can pick one. You just have to see and choose one of the best flowers types you would like to plant. Well, make sure you adjust the chosen flowers with the climate condition around. It can help you to get the best flowers as what you need.